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Bringing the Ultimate in Cleaning & Protection to your Driveway.

We recommend you seal your block paving. There are many reasons for this. Sealing your driveway will enhance the life of your block paving. It will also stop weeds coming through all together because the joints are completely sealed to stop them coming through. It will also stop most stains developing especially the main stain which is oil. This is why so many petrol forecourts are sealed to stop oil stains developing. Also it will make it safer and less slippy especially throughout the winter season.

Please note also - All our sealants is a two coat system, one coat of sealant is not sufficient enough, you will just have to keep having it re-applied every twelve months. And paying full price again to have it re-applied! We will give you two coats and not charge you anymore for it, where most of our competitors will only offer one coat so they keep you as a customer to keep re-applying it each year! This does not need to be the case.

Our sealants are available in a gloss or matt finish. Gloss is the most popular choice but it is down to personal preference.

A list of our available sealants will be available on this page soon, check back for details.