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Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Bringing the Ultimate in Cleaning & Protection to your Driveway.

At Driveway Restoration Cheshire We also clean and restore the ever growing surface of imprinted concrete our cleaning process is a bit like block paving we use our high tech rotary system to remove, dirt, weeds, moss and algae. This restores the surface to its original colour.

This process is recommended to be done every two to three years with a high quality two coat sealer application. It also inhibits weed and moss growth whilst protecting and strengthen the imprinted surface.

Our refurbishment programme in stages:

1 We treat the entire area with a fungicidal wash to remove any stains or tyre marks.

2 With our high tech professional pressure cleaner to remove moss, algae, weeds, etc taken great care with the imprinted surface.

3 When the entire area is dry and clean and we are happy with surface, we apply a highly durable clear matt or gloss sealer that increases the life span of your surface. The sealer is spayed in a two coat application ensuring all the pattern imprinted concrete is covered.

4 Finally new silicone is applied to all expansion joints.

15% off all clean and seal jobs before April 31st 2008